Energy Efficiency

Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. What is green power?
    Green power is electricity generated from environmentally friendly and renewable resources, such as the sun, wind and water, among others.
  2. Why do you need contributions to build more?
    Building new power plants of any kind is expensive. The technologies associated with large-scale renewable energy production are not fully developed, which means that building such facilities is quite costly. Simply put, it costs much more to develop renewable energy than it does to build more traditional generation. That’s why we are asking for your help.
  3. How does it work?
    In essence, you will pay a premium on some or all, if you choose, of the power that you use each month, part of which comes from the The Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas’ three hydropower plants. Your contribution, or premium, is based on blocks of power ranging from $5 on 100 kilowatt-hours of electricity used to $100 for 2,000 kilowatt-hours. Please note that the contribution will be in addition to your regular monthly electricity costs based on existing rates.
  4. Am I eligible?
    Members of participating electric cooperatives are eligible to join GreenPower.
  5. How do I join and how will I be billed?
    Click here to select your cooperative to sign up. Billing is dependant for each cooperative. You will need to contact your local cooperative for more information regarding billing.
  6. Can I cancel my membership?
    Yes. GreenPower is completely voluntary. (Find out specific details from each cooperative.)
  7. Will my home’s power come directly from “green” sources?
    Not necessarily. Your home receives its electricity from the main power grid, which transports power generated from various energy sources. It is impossible to isolate an actual "green" electron and route it to your home. Your participation, however, will help the Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas add more green power resources to the grid and further promote the effective use of all power resources.
  8. What will the GreenPower fund be used for?
    Money from the GreenPower fund may be used for the following purposes: 1) To build green power facilities that the cooperatives determine are feasible; 2) to purchase green power from the electricity market, if it is affordable and available; 3) to further help the cooperatives educate members about ways to make their homes and businesses more energy efficient.
  9. Will green power replace the use of coal-fired generation?
    Not any time soon. For the time being and near future, at least, green energy resources, such as wind, solar and hydropower, cannot meet more than a small percentage of the nation’s energy needs, primarily because power produced from such sources is intermittent in nature. Simply put, the wind doesn’t always blow, the sun doesn’t always shine and the water doesn’t always flow at required levels to produce electricity. Since electricity cannot be stored, such methods cannot be counted on to provide the continuous flow of electricity our society demands.

For now, coal remains the best choice for the bulk of our electricity production. About 70 percent of the cooperatives’ generation comes from coal-fired power plants, which meet all state and federal environmental regulations. Furthermore, the cooperatives are committed to the development of new technology that will make coal plants even cleaner in the future. In addition, we will continue to review green energy resources to determine what may be viable for our generation portfolio.

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