Energy sales to members13,461,723 MWh13,743,187 MWh
Sales to others1,335,801 MWh808,529 MWh
Total14,797,524 MWh14,551,716 MWh
Average cost to members$50.36 / MWh $50.09 / MWh
Total operating revenues$734,611,694$727,653,925
Operating margin$30,349,411$19,052,676
Net margin$30,901,165$22,670,358
Cash flows from operations$74,293,854$38,958,454
Times interest earned ratio1.921.66
Margins for interest ratio1.931.67
Debt service coverage ratio1.651.47
Earnings to fixed charges1.651.47
Total assets$1,839,872,776$1,762,187,584
Net utility plant$1,324,459,969$1,281,504,992
Total long-term debt$870,889,618$836,996,289
Total equity$564,093,235$543,610,880
Equity to assets ratio30.66%30.85%
Equity as % of capitalization39.31%39.37%
Long-term debt to equity ratio1.541.54