2016 AECC Board of Directors and Officers

Bill Conine
Bill Conine
Petit Jean Electric
Dr. Alan Hunnicutt
Dr. Alan Hunnicutt
Carroll Electric
Vice Chairman
Mark T. Cayce
Mark T. Cayce
Ouachita Electric

Arkansas Valley

Alfred L. Simpson Alfred L. Simpson
Jerry Gadbury Jerry Gadbury


Rodney L. Chapman Rodney L. Chapman
Martha Pennington Martha Pennington


Greg Smith Greg Smith
Charles S. Searcy Charles S. Searcy


Rob Boaz Rob Boaz
Dr. Alan Hunnicutt Dr. Alan Hunnicutt

Clay County

David Smith David Smith
John M. Dalton John M. Dalton


Brian Duncan Brian Duncan
Terry Rorex Terry Rorex


Larry Bright Larry Bright
Sam Houston Sam Houston


Don Crabbe Don Crabbe
Robert M. Hill Robert M. Hill

Mississippi County

Brad Harrison Brad Harrison
Robert Earl Davis Robert Earl Davis

North Arkansas

Mel Coleman Mel Coleman
Cameron Davis Cameron Davis


Mark T. Cayce Mark T. Cayce
Mike Hutchinson Mike Hutchinson


Mitchell Johnson Mitchell Johnson
Jerry Bolinger Jerry Bolinger

Petit Jean

Bill Conine Bill Conine
Fred Herman Fred Herman

Rich Mountain

Leon Philpot Leon Philpot
Mark Robbins Mark Robbins

South Central

Kevin Brownlee Kevin Brownlee
Danny Buck Danny Buck


C. Wayne Whitaker C. Wayne Whitaker
Don Stemple Don Stemple


Michael L. Swan Michael L. Swan
J.A. Wampler J.A. Wampler


Duane D. Highley
Duane D. Highley
President and Chief Executive Officer
Michael W. Henderson
Michael W. Henderson
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Robert H. McClanahan
Robert H. McClanahan
Vice President of Information Technology and Chief Technology Officer
Sandra Byrd
Sandra Byrd
Vice President of Public Affairs and Member Services
Jonathan Oliver
Jonathan Oliver
Vice President of Power Production and Delivery
Maria Smedley
Maria Smedley
Vice President of Human Resources
Lori L. Burrows
Lori L. Burrows
Vice President and General Council
Andrew Lachowsky
Andrew Lachowsky
Vice President of Planning, Rates and Market Operations
Patrick McClafferty
Patrick McClafferty
Vice President of Utility Sales and Service, Arkansas Electric Cooperatives, Inc.
Kirkley Thomas
Kirkley Thomas
Vice President of Governmental Affairs